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Semantic Vacancy Filtration

NO to Director, Senior, Fellow, Lecturer, Officer, Manager, Administrator, Developer, Associate, Surveyor, Co-Ordinator, Technician

MAYBE to Secretary

YES to Assistant, Semi, Junior, Clerk, Temp



One of the things that is so interesting about contemporary US politicking is the passionate support that both parties receive in contravention of any reasonable justification for doing so. Healthy democratic culture or bitter stubbornness to the point of ruin? You decide.

Feared Factory.

"He's a pagan bowler hat-wearing justice machine with a secret identity. His servant is a violent extra-dimensional sportsman who eats rocks. They must survive a perilous journey across post-atomic North America!"


More mundane matters.

Inspired by something I saw on satsu and windscale's incredible wiki:

A good honest, hard-working tobacco that loves it's children and only has to save up a little more before it can move out of the city and to that dream house in the suburbs. Smells faintly of spicy tomato. it also burns well. The taste doesn't hold up well to the other brands unfortuantely, but can be defaulted to without fear of social ostracism.

Perfect for: sitting and sharing a sexist joke or two with the workmen after a heavy bout of manual labour.

Smokeability: 3.5     Taste:2.5  

What's the point? Its like smoking Marlboro Lights when you can afford Reds. It's a tad smoother.

Perfect for: Smoking in the house, so not to offend the ladies.

Smokeability: 3     Taste: 1

Christ this is harsh. A seriously wet tobacco, it seems intent on driving an oily ball down to the back of your throat, then lodging it there. A lighter must be held in front of it almost permanently to prevent the embarrassment of it going out. It's taste is bearable anough, with a pint of Guiness in hand Only acceptable if one is engaged in a bout of psychological fisticuffs with a hurly-burly for the affections of a particularly hard-to-please lady-friend.

Perfect for: Working men's clubs, hoping that the local diesel is enough to wash it down to where it can do no more damage.

Smokeability: 0.5     Taste:2

The lion on the front belies this cheeky little number's staying power. Though one may need to kick things off with a simple batch of drum, you can smoke this all night without faltering. It's taste echoes the light touch of the silkworm, and is just harsh enough to feel.

Perfect for: 12 hour, irreconcilable Monopoly disputes, miner's strikes etc..

Smokeability: 5      Taste:4

And we come to the gentleman's choice. Its naturally dry,  so it can be whipped out whenever circumstances dictate, i.e.on the culmination of a merger with an impressionable foreigner etc. A sweet palate, eminently chainable. And it's cheaper than most regular brands! If only it were more widely available.

Perfect for: 'Wherever particular people congregate'.

Smokeability: 4       Taste:4

Giving it up to tha big Y

If more politicians had been like this man here, I might consider voting.


Incidentally, windscale, Im probably not free May bank holiday weekend (remind me when it is again?) as work is an unforgiving bitch-goddess from which there is no escape. But I might be able to sway something. What was your intention?

For Fucks Sake



Another dream update...

I was some kind of black coated punk/ 60s French nihilist (?) and moving around this totalitarian commercial park with a dfs, asda, burger king and cinema.. My mode of transportation was a bright yellow underground system which linked the stores, with a train which kind of slid to the side once it entered a station, exposing the tunnel ahead, though thinking about it now the station itself seemed to shrink to fit the train as well.  Having forgotten my coat from a previous visit to Asda (?), which I can barely remember, I boarded the train as Alan Moore narrated certain facts to me about the Cuban revolution (the fact that they had their own state approved trade unions, and as such the rate of sick workers was very high etc..) I was so thinking so hard I didnt notice that the doors had closed, and I was crushed to death as the train dragged me along the side of the tunnel. I saw my death from the angle of a security camera in the tunnel.

So I hold great hopes for going to London today, what with all that Tube hopping and all.


...And they shall know no price gouging.

I may have broken Games Workshop's monopoly on spray paint...acheiving the same result with a two pound can as I have done with a 6 pound can. Plastics have come out well, leads are lookin good, even better as a first layer of solid colour. Will report back laterwith further developments.